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    Sander started the conversation


    On the top of the website there is a shopping basket. When you click on it shows the contents of the basket. But this doesn't work? Even if I have multiple items in my basket it doesn't show the items in the basket.

    The screen moves to the left and a sidebar with the header "Your Cart"  appears but nothing in it, even when you have items.

    Is this a bug? And can I hide this feature until this has been fixed?

    The url of the site is: https://webshopgolf.nl.

    The site is in Dutch but you should be able to add some products in the basket and see that the contents is not shown when you click on the basket.

    I have also included a screenshot to show what the problem is.

    I hope you can help us.

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    Mats replied

    Hello Sander,

    Follow these steps:

    1. Go to appearance

    2. Go to widgets

    3. Drag the widget 'WooCommerce cart' in the area called 'Woocommerce shopping cart'

    Kind regards

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    Sander replied

    Hi Mats

    It works!

    Thank you for your fast solution!



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    Mats replied

    Hello Sander,

    You are very welcome! If you happen to have some spare time, please consider rating my theme on Themeforest (via your Downloads page).

    Kind regards