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Shopping Basket doesn't work


  • Bruno started the conversation

    Hello, On the top of the website there is a shopping cart icon and it's not working. The cart don't add any item that visitors buy, (it load the page slowly and nothing else goes to the cart. I tried looking for the area called 'Woocommerce shopping cart' on the appearance>widgets, as instructed on the #1102931 public ticket, but I didn't find it.

    I have also included a screenshot to show what the problem is.

    I hope you can help us as soon as possible, we are since yesterday not selling anything because of this situation. 

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      Captura de Tela 2017-04-11 às 12.09.24.png

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    Mats replied

    Hello Bruno,

    The theme Screeyn doesn't require you to put a widget in a designated area, it's automatic. If it's not working you most probably have a jQuery error due to a plugin or something similar which causes the cart to malfunction.

    Kind regards