Public Ticket #1330486
Scrolldown menu not working consistantly


  • Mike started the conversation

    The scrolldown homepage menu tabs (custom links using #) is not working on a variety of browsing platforms and devices.

    For instance, it works on Safari and Firefox on my Mac, but not on Chrome.  It works for some users on mobile, but doesn't work for others.

    Possibly a recent Wordpress update caused issues with this simple function?  Please help!

  • Pat replied

    I'm experiencing this issue as well. The main menu navbar options to scroll to the page anchor point isn't working anymore. It just feels like a dead link now on the navbar.

    Can we get some help on this? Thanks!

  • Mike replied

    Just heard from Mats.  There is a workaround as he tries to get to the root of this strange issue:

    A customer recently contacted me with the same issue. He solved it by using this plugin : https://wordpress.org/plugins/page-scroll-to-id/

  • Pat replied

    I just installed Page Scroll to ID...it doesn't seem to be working for me either. 

    I also noticed the nav on the Landy sample site is also broken:


    so I imagine it's broker for everyone.