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  • Duncan started the conversation

    Dear Sir Madam,

    I've having trouble constructing the home page for a client using the Landy theme.


    1. Activating members page leads to cutting off of the section. 
    2. The navigation: I would like to navigate vertically on a single scroll home page. It keeps opening up the individual pages.
    3. Left aligning the header on pages only left-aligns the text, leaving the dividing line center aligned. 

    The setup of the pages seems a little odd, as pages == sections. Does the theme integrate with WP Bakery or the like?

    Many thanks,


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    Mats replied

    Hello Duncan,

    1. Can you show me an example?

    2. Have you read the documentation? http://docs.playnethemes.com/landy/#nav2

    3. Can you show me an example?

    Kind regards