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Need Updated files...


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    SSTheShashank started the conversation

    HI there...

    1) No space after author name and "on"

    2) Full size image being used everywhere. I want thumbnails to be used.

    3) Featured image are smaller than 1500 px, so on single post pages they don't fit. So I need a change in css to make them fit.

    4) Plus, this is extra. As you see, the theme loads many js files like jquery.fitvids.js, jquery.magnific-popup.js, responsiveslides.js and knowy.js

    So I thought that I would simply dequeue the js files from functions.php (I found the files are enqueued in it) that are of no use to me.

    For example, if I'm not going to use any videos on my site, I would just not load the js required for videos. Agree?

    So, can you please just tell me the usage of these 4 js files so that I can decide which ones to keep and which ones to dequeue.

    And thanks a lot. The theme's really beautiful...

    Loved it.

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    Mats replied

    Hello Sir,

    The theme in the attachment has al the fixes.

    Yes you can simply remove the files you won't need, however those files such as fitvids.js are extremely lightweight.

    • Knowy.js cannot be dequeed. 
    • Fitvids are for making responsive videos. 
    • Magnific popup is used for the lightbox that is used on the gallery images for example. I would not dequeue it.
    • Responsiveslides is used for the featured carousel.

    If you delete the fitvids script or the magnific popup script you'll have to remove the jquery that uses those scripts inside knowy.js.

    Kind regards

    Attached files:  knowy.zip

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    SSTheShashank replied


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    SSTheShashank replied

    Hi, I also need some help with the logo...

    When I add max-width:none; to .site-logo img{}

    The logo size becomes big, but it overlaps the right menu

    Update: increased width in .site-branding and it did it.

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    SSTheShashank replied

    Hi, there… One more thing.

    On the homepage the logo uses

    < h1 class="site-logo" >

    While on other pages it uses

    < p class="site-logo" >

    So the logo is not being aligned well with the menus on homepage…

    How do I change h1 to p on homepage also?

    Update: Figured it out...

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    Mats replied

    Hello sir,

    Replace your footer.php file with the one attached to fix the menu issue.

    Kind regards

    Attached files:  footer.php.zip