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Header Title
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    Mats replied

    Hello Jula,

    You'll have to look for the following css elements inside style.css (stylesheet)

    For the homepage:

    Lead title


    Main Title

    .page-template-homepage #header .header-title

    For other pages:

    .header-title, .main-title

    Kind regards

  • Jula replied

    Hey Mats,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I hope the screenshots will help to clarify what I mean with header title.

    I figured out that the color can be changed on the page itself, but wasn't sure about the size and font.

    Attached files:  clip1.png

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    Mats replied

    Hello Jula,

    Yes this is possible. You'll just have to use the stylesheet (style.css) to find the things you are looking for and edit them there. I'm not sure what you are referring too though. Do you mean the sub intro text, the intro text or the site title? Please attach a screenshot that points out what text you want to change.

    Kind regards

  • Jula started the conversation

    Is it possible to change the font and size of the header title?